Books are much appreciated.. Blogs here are sometimes very dramatic, but sometimes, funneh. This is my Diary. Hello! -Lorielee
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Laughing over silly things is where we’re good at. :) ♥♡♥♡
Give the love around and back around it goes. ♥
Ngayon nalang ulit sila ngkapicture! Hooray! Hahaha
Little sweet surprise for Atty. Tan. #TanBabies ♥ #4thYr
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Atty. Tan! :) Thank you, po kanina sa pa-birthday. Ang saya. :)
Unti unti na kong nagiging tunay na tao. :)
Movie for the day.
My goodness!! I want!!! :( ang ganda. #rg
Back to basic. :(
The best Armor against the storm! :)
1.5L of ice cream before the start our matinding prelim week. Hahaha thank you, Deo! The best ka tlaga. Imba ka! :)
Not too late for throwback entry. Music min singing “King” :) #worshipSong
Had an ice cream kwentuhan with Kuya Nalds the great! :)  (and yes, sinisipon na ko)
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